About the Author

        Originally from Oxford, England, J.B. Pelts lives in Florida with his wife, yound triplets, and two rescue dogs.  Growing up on tales of wonder and adventure that dragged him into wanting to becomes a part of the tales themselves, he fell in love with stories that could truly exist in our world, if only he could find the way to get there.
          From Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island to Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, the lure of an exotic mysterious island just waiting to be explored filled his head with imagination, and it was from these seeds that Corentin was born. With its old Breton heritage and location in the Atlantic Ocean off of the south-west tip of England, beyond the Scilly Isles, it became an island where adventure reigned, where castle ruins and derelict stone towers are interspersed with chocolate factories and 7-story toy stores, and where a boy from middle England could spend the most exiting summers of his life.